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Who we are and what we do
KONSULT EXPERT provides safe, easy and anonymous access to mental healthcare. Professionals and advisors are available for online consultations via video, audio or chat.

If you the client does not know who to reach out to, our advisors are there to help. They will explain how the platform functions and, depending on the situation and their preferences, will suggest an expert that is right for them.

Contact with the client has never been easier. You can connect with your client from any given place through your smartphone or computer. Manage your clients, take notes, accept payment, respond to messages and earn money.

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How it works

Registration will allow you to speak with an advisor and set up your profile
Complete your profile
Complete your personal profile, business information and add hours to your schedule in order to activate your profile
Allow us time to approve your profile
All our experts are carefully verified by our team of qualified recruiters
Invite your clients and expand your business
Use the platform and offer your existing clients new conveniant opportunities.
Manage your schedule
You make your own schedule with our easy calendar tool.
Start consulting
After being approved you may begin consulting with your clients or wait for someone to book an appointment
Recommend and share
Share with your colleagues and earn reward


Tools for online consultations
Easy and convenient tools to consult with clients online. Use the video, audio or text chat tools. Send files, take notes, setup additional appointments.
Potential clients
Thousands of clients view our website every day. Gain access to these potential clients
Efficient time management
Thanks to our efficient time management tools you will find that you now have more free time.
Choose where you work from
You can work from your home, office or even in another country.
Set up your own calendar and work on your own terms.
International clients
Many visitors are from other countries. Start speaking with clients from all over the world.
Electronic wallet
Accept payments online through our secure platform.
Set your own prices
You can set up your own appointment types and pricing
Online marketing
We help with online marketing. Facebook, adwords, you name it!
Network of professionals
You are part of an evergrowing community of professionals. You can use the forum to ask questions and communicate with them.
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Remember, this service is not for use in life threatening situations.
If you need immediate help call 911 or go to the nearest police station.